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IC Repackage Ease-up Inspection Over Advanced Chip Packaging

To identify failure of the single component which results in defective IC is a tall order. Internal wiring and board circuit connections among SiP, MCM, MCP, and QFP tends to suffer in electric tests by interference of other chips or device components which, in turn, makes test results hard or even impossible clear…

Detect Internal Defects in PCBA/Lithium Battery/Engineering Plastics and Other Large Samples with 3D X-ray

3D X-ray are also ideal for non-destructive inspection over 3D IC, MEMS, and even PCB, PCBA, lithium battery/engineering Plastics…

Quick Quiz for MOSFET Wafer Thinning Process

Many customers would like to know further about the thickness limit of wafer thinning, and the procedure of MOSFET wafer thinning, the present demand…

Two Obstacles, Challenges and Solutions for Advanced Packaging in Automotive Reliability

To keep up with the demand for high-speed transmission, automotive semiconductor chips are growingly packaged in MCM/SiP assembly, instead of BGA…

Fab Discovery-How to Make a Flimsy Wafer? The Taiko Grinding Process

Since 2018, iST officially entered into the wafer thinning process service, which is a critical process between the wafer mass production and packaging…

How do we do backside FIB circuit editing for advanced process IC?

As predicted by Moore’s Law, the IC process is continuously shrinking down to below 16 nm, as most of ICs package types are flip chip packages, backside…