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Will LTS Process be the Mainstream in the Future?

Lenovo and Intel have been advocating LTS process since 2017. Why is it coming into our focus now and why is it required?Will this LTS be the mainstream of consumer products in years to come?…

Marching Toward Carbon Neutrality via Low Temperature Soldering (LTS)

The LTS technology not only saves energy and cuts carbon emission but also reduces failures and defects when soldering electronic components at high temperature…

How to Find the Defects of a Flip Chip QFN

How to quickly pinpoint defects of a FCQFN with failure analysis tools? We will show you how to pinpoint the defect position with iST‘s five steps…

What does BLR mean for IC Design Engineers?

Are there any means to prevent PCB assembled with flawless IC chip from failing because of poor soldering? BLR aimed to make IC component fit its app…

Try This in Case You Found No Defects in Delayered IC Samples with SEM

What to do when SEM can’t distinguish substances of samples by layers? No defects found with SEM even the defected ICs have been delayered? SEM BSE helps…

Use Surface Analysis Tools to Catch Semiconductor Process Defects

Which surface analysis tool should be chosen to catch process defects? How to use surface analysis tools to catch defects in the semiconductor process?