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Talent is our most important core competitiveness.
We have been wanting to give you more than you expected since the first day you joined iST.


iST’s Vision

iST attaches great customer service quality and holds various cultural team competition every year. We use new R&D technologies to create a working environment stimulating the enthusiasm of iSTers, elaborate the inherent core competitiveness, provide solutions exceeding customer expectations and share the profits and outcomes with employees, shareholders and the public for a multi-win situation.


iST is committed to provide customers with the solutions beyond their expectation, and assisting them in product quality control to speed-up the time to market.


As an iSTer, we must fulfill the spirit of the eight core competencies and utilize these competencies in our work.


Personal Learning Plan

We carefully plan training series for new iSTers to be familiar with company information as soon as possible. And provide necessary assistance to shorten the transition period.


New Employee Training

This training series helps new iSTers become familiar with the departments, the environment and regulations and systems. Through this series, we assist new employees to understand iST quickly and be integrated with iST.


Coach system

The supervisor assigns a coach to each new iSTer. Coaches are familiar with company culture and environment, and the expertise of the department. Therefore, they can assist new employees in integrating with the working environment.


Safety Training

Safety is the basis of all things. We pay attention to the safety of iSTers and information security, and require employees to abide by the regulations. We also design relevant courses and help iSTers to master the safe code jointly.

Career Development

iST always spares no effort in talent investment and training. We not only continue enhancing professional technologies, leading our company to achieve various goals, but also care about your career development and self-growth.

Expertise Development

Professional courses are offered and internal lecturers are assigned to consolidate expertise systematically. Employees practice skills repeatedly via training at work to build expertise and practical skills.

Management Training

We divide our management training courses according to different requirements, aiming at assisting supervisors of different ranks to build the required management ability step by step.

Multiple Development Plan

Job transfer

We encourage iSTers to learn from different fields and be more competitiveness by a transfer within the company.

Project Training

iST offers opportunities for employees in different areas to work with each other. They can gain experience of project management skills, learn from outstanding colleagues and build team spirit.

Perfect Training System

iST has a complete training system for each position to strengthen iSTers professional competence step by step.

Expatriation to Overseas Subsidiaries

iST actively expands its international market and provides overseas opportunities for employees to grow with our company and gain international perspectives.

We can give you more than you think

Salary and Welfare



  • Highly competitive salary and guarantee for quality of life.
  • Fourteen months of fixed salary.

Reward system

  • iST shares the operating success with employee by reward system.
  • We offer quarterly bonus, performance bonus, incentive bonus and sharing bonus.
  • Other irregular bonus based on the company profit.

Other Welfares

  • Allowances for domestic and overseas travel
  • Festival allowance, Birthday allowance
  • Marriage, maternity and children’s allowances
  • Comprehensive health check-ups
  • Perfect group insurance plan
  • Dormitory allowance for new employees
  • Funds provided to the department for social activities

We offer great salaries, excellent working environment and comprehensive welfare system for iSTers to stay balanced between the development of work, life and leisure.