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1. Where can I find job openings from iST group?

To cope with company operation growth and development, there will be different position needed continuously, please click “Career Opportunities” to see the detailed position.

2. Does iST provide catering service?

iST provides meal allowances and delicate group meals. An employee cafeteria and a café are available at the headquarters, offering beverages and light meals.

3. Does iST provide any employee dormitory?

The dormitory allowance is provided for employees who live out of town.

4. I have no experience. How can I get into iST?

You can look up details from campus recruitment postings and job hunting websites. Also you can apply for jobs via employee referrals.
Fresh graduate selection: Sign up at job hunting website and submit the resume. We will send you instructions. By attending the recruitment orientation (for the written test), you can get to advance to the interview if you pass the test.

5. How is the selection process like? How soon will I receive any response after resume submission? How long should I wait?

To speed up the resume process, we have adopted online resume system. You can submit your resume via our website and 104. We check your resume upon receiving. If you are currently not qualified for the job opening you applied for, we will keep your data in the talent bank for now. We will c, and contact you for any job openings that fit you.

6. What information do I need to bring for the interview? Is parking available?

Please fill out the basic information form and bring it to the inter interview. Take other reference documents with you (e.g. autobiography, transcript, paper and portfolio) for the interview officer to know about your specialty.
iST provides temporary parking spaces. Refer to “How to come to iST?” for information on parking lots if you drive.

7. What is the interview like? Is there any re-examination?

We have written tests and interviews, which take about 2 to 3 hours. The re-examination depends on the employing department.

8. When would I know the results of the interview?

We will organize the results of the interview with different applicants in 3 to 4 weeks after interview and discuss with their supervisors. We will inform you by phone if you are hired.

9. Is there any requirement on the educational background? Is it hard for me to get into iST if I don’t meet certain standards?

iST hires anyone who has talent. In addition to the working experience, educational background and specialty, we also care about the personality. We value all talents who have passion in serving our customers, willingness to learn, sincerity, different perspectives and a positive work attitude.

10. I just joined iST. Do I have to wait for a long time for a promotion?

In iST, we carry out the promotion process every year. Regulations on promotion assessment for all grades have been set up to ensure a smooth, transparent promotion channel.

Besides, we provide the opportunity of suitability development for iSTers by a blueprint of a dual-track system to correspond with our forward-looking development. We are glad to see employees enjoy diversified career growth.

11. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please call our HR Hotline:+886-3-579-9909 ext. 1234
Or email your resume to us:RS@istgroup.com