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【Digitimes】AI’s business opportunities drive computing demand

Apart from the two major trends of advanced processes and compound semiconductors, advanced packaging technology for heterogeneous integration has also become a recent market focal point in conjunction with the AI popularity. However, all three of the aforementioned technologies must be accompanied by material analysis (MA) and failure analysis (FA) to ensure product quality and reliability…

【Digitimes】Understanding new 2023 AEC standards: iST helps Taiwanese electronics manufacturers conquer automotive market

The implementation of smart technologies is one of the most important trends in the automotive industry. As a technology hub, Taiwan is among the world leaders in both technology and services…

【Digitimes】iST and DEKRA iST LTS, Low Temperature Soldering, Help the Electronics Industry to approach Carbon Reduction Goals

At the end of September this year, Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC, was interviewed by the media. He made the promise to reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2030 …

【Semiconductor Review】Changing the Existing Verification Model within the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor packaging industry today faces an ever-growing challenge of standard packaging is getting …

【Digitimes】iST expands service portfolio for automotive electronics, creating one-stop validation service for the entire value chain

How big is the automotive electronics market? According to iKnow, Ministry of Science and Technology, a Level 2 autonomous driving vehicle uses US$580 worth of semiconductor chips and the cost in a Level 4 vehicle runs up to…

【Digitimes】iST takes early action to target non-terrestrial communication technologies beyond 5G to open a pathway to space communication for the Taiwan industry

As 5G services began to roll out around the globe in 2019, 5G communication is poised to expand into commercial applications with unprecedented development potential compared t…

【Digitimes】iST’s new RA platform helps vendors capture market opportunities

Assistance Systems (ADAS) that were just a concept a few years ago are now a reality. Some mid-tier vehicles entering the market in 2018 came with ADAS and more are expected in 2019. According to the Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC), the cost of semiconductor components per car has exceeded US$330 and in electric vehicles, the…

【Digitimes】The focus of international automakers: AEC-Q104

Compared with AEC-Q100, AEC-Q104 is not only the first automotive industry specification to define Board Level Reliability Test (BLR), but also explicitly states the basic concepts, testing methods and items, ESD specifications and the quantity of test samples, said Allan Tseng, Assistant Vice President of reliability engineering division of iST…

【Ctimes】iST and UL Sign Cooperation Agreement Carry Out a Comprehensive High Speed Signal Test Service

iST, the leading laboratory in electronic product verification service, made a remarkable breakthrough in the field of Signal Transmission Testing Services. iST has signed a Cooperation Agreement with America’s biggest and the world’s top 5…

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