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How to perform FIB circuit edit in case of WLCSP IC?

To address this issue, iST has developed the solution for WLCSP IC with specific etching technique. FIB circuit edit any sites covered by the bump, RDL, or organic passivation can be achieved without problems….

iST Officially Enters MOSFET Wafer Backend Process Integrated Services

iST has decided to tap into MOSFET wafer process field, because iST has found a lack of wafer thinning and surface process available for customers between foundry and packaging operations…

How to identify burnt area in case of IC EOS?

What should you do to identify burnt areas in order to proceed with circuit design modification? The iST Tech Classroom presents some typical cases to help you pinpoint component EOS abnormal hot spots…

Enter Supply Chain of AI Smart Car in Five Steps of International Auto Reliability Specs

Do you remember a TV shows in the ‘80s, Knight Rider? Do you remember his partner, KITT, the humanized car with cutting edge …

Six Key points to Learn the AEC-Q104 for Automotive MCM in No Time

Which standard, AEC-Q100 or ISO16750, should be employed for automotive tests by manufacturers of complex multichips like MCM and SIP? This year, problems that baffled IC design houses…

Determining Whether IC Defects are Caused by the Poor Packaging

The iST Tech Classroom for this month is about finding ways to pinpoint IC package defects without damaging the sample itself. Step 1: Positioning, detect failure depth…