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Methods of precise positioning for defect detection based on nanoscale electrical characteristics measurement

How to perform precise electrical characteristics measurement and defect localization on those interested transistors, which are only a few nanometers in size, poses a great challenge in recent semiconductor development…

How to avoid patent disputes by reverse BGA and PCB layouts

Do you know when destructive sample delayering is unachieved, how to observe the sophisticated circuit layout through reverse analysis?

XRD: Solution for verifying the characteristics of new materials in advanced processes

In an advanced process, while stringent control to verify quality stability is required after materials selection and changes, how to verify the characteristics of new materials?

Among four major sectioning methodologies, which one is best for your sample?

There are several methods to section a chip to solve structural issues.According to the attributes of your samples, which methodology is the best choice?…

Key to heterogeneous integration: Materials Bonding Stress

How to use analysis tools to verify the rheological characterization of materials underfill in heterogeneous component integration, as well as the strength of bonding strength of copper and dielectric materials…

Preventing Electrochemical Migration in HAST

Electrochemical migration ECM takes place easily to cause short circuit in HAST. Is it a flux issue or the test environment issue? How can we prevent ECM in HAST ?