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Fab Discovery-How to Make a Flimsy Wafer? The Taiko Grinding Process

Since 2018, iST officially entered into the wafer thinning process service, which is a critical process between the wafer mass production and packaging…

How do we do backside FIB circuit editing for advanced process IC?

As predicted by Moore’s Law, the IC process is continuously shrinking down to below 16 nm, as most of ICs package types are flip chip packages, backside…

How to Detect Liquid Material Defects with SEM?

SEM liquid platform is a closed structure which can enclose liquid/volatile materials with the SiN film of several tens of nano thick on the surface of a SEM platform…

Electro-less Plating –Your High CP Value Choice for MOSFET FSM

Electro-less Plating process has one critical feature: it can grow NiAu or NiPdAu selectively on Al pads with a series of redox reactions instead of…

Sputtering Deposition V.S. Electro-less Plating: Two Options for MOSFET FSM

FSM is a critical process for MOSFET wafer thinning. Featuring high switch speed, low input impedance and low power consumption, the MOSFET is…