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Finding advanced packaging joint defects after failing the board level reliability test

When the board level reliability test fails and you are asked to debug,how to quickly find the location of advanced packaging joint defect in 3 steps?…

Improvement of Advanced Process Defect through Materials Analysis

While process equipment is the key to semiconductor yield, how to improve advanced process defects through materials analysis?…

PCB design:Key to pass or fail in board level reliability tests

Do you know that PCB design is the key to pass or fail in broad level reliability tests?

How to interpret MTTF?

How to interpret and use the values from HTOL and the resulting MTTF and Failure Rate (λ)? What are the differences between MTTF and MTBF?

How to find the SiP/ MCM Defects

How to find suspected defects from complicated MCP/SiP structure? How to isolate interference from other chips/dies and get correct testing results?

Improved delayering techniques for better fault isolation efficiency of advanced process chip

As an extension of grinding delayer, PFIB can perform large area and excellent uniformity delayering of a specific area or layer through plasma etching with the manufacturer’s patented gas to fully present the target area of up to 200μm x 200μm …