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Face the Inevitable Test Failure. How to Solve Warpage Problem of Automotive Advanced Packages

With booming IoV, the advanced packaging chip has been adopted overwhelmingly. But subsequent, how to solve Automotive advanced package warpage problem?

Count Warpage Amount Before SMT to Avoid Solder Empty and Early Failure

Warpage suffered by IC component may ramp up when SMT on PCBs due to different CTEs between ICs and PCBs. which, in turn, leads to poor reliability…

New Package New Challenges, Solutions for Two Issues of Automotive Electronics Reliability Testing

The semiconductor packaging tech is being advanced driven by booming self-driving car. Allan Tseng is here to share Automotive Testing to cope with new PKG…

IC Repackage Ease-up Inspection Over Advanced Chip Packaging

To identify failure of the single component which results in defective IC is a tall order. Internal wiring and board circuit connections among SiP, MCM, MCP, and QFP tends to suffer in electric tests by interference of other chips or device components which, in turn, makes test results hard or even impossible clear…

Detect Internal Defects in PCBA/Lithium Battery/Engineering Plastics and Other Large Samples with 3D X-ray

3D X-ray are also ideal for non-destructive inspection over 3D IC, MEMS, and even PCB, PCBA, lithium battery/engineering Plastics…

Quick Quiz for MOSFET Wafer Thinning Process

Many customers would like to know further about the thickness limit of wafer thinning, and the procedure of MOSFET wafer thinning, the present demand…