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Why Is Preconditioning Test Confused with MSL Test All the Time?

Most of us tend to confuse the Preconditioning Test required by customer with MSL Test – what’s the difference between the two?

Why is the 3rd Generation WBG Getting So Hot Nowadays?

What exactly is WBG that focused by leading foundries?Amid booming 5G and EV industries, why is the 3rd gen WBG being targeted by big leaders?

Enter the Supply Chain of EV in Five Steps: An analysis of International Automotive Reliability Specs

Do you remember a TV shows in the ‘80s, Knight Rider? Do you remember his partner, KITT, the humanized car with cutting edge …

How to Deal with Delayed Samples Assembling Issue caused By OSATS’ Over-Demand?

iST’s IC Quick Assembly service offers clients seeking for engineering sample verification when OSATs are deluged with the demands of mass production…

Determine the Exact Surface Roughness with the Help of Three Tools

Surface roughness is critical to the adhesiveness of coating and varies with the product and process.Measuring roughness plays a key role in process…

Latest Automotive Specifications Explore the Zero-Defect World of AEC-Q004

Addressing zero defects, the first edition of AEC-Q004 guidelines has been released by AEC in 2020. This is a handbook aimed to supplement the specifications of AEC-Q100-104, and AEC-Q200…