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Six Key points to Learn the AEC-Q104 for Automotive MCM in No Time

Which standard, AEC-Q100 or ISO16750, should be employed for automotive tests by manufacturers of complex multichips like MCM and SIP? This year, problems that baffled IC design houses…

Determining Whether IC Defects are Caused by the Poor Packaging

The iST Tech Classroom for this month is about finding ways to pinpoint IC package defects without damaging the sample itself. Step 1: Positioning, detect failure depth…

Tier 1 auto makers focus—BLR and temperature/humidity combined vibration test

This article shall explore the BLR test and the most critical item in it – temperature/humidity combined vibration focused by leading Tier 1 car makers…

How to analyze crystal structure and film characteristics without damaging the samples?

Detecting crystal structure stacking shall damage samples under test, is there any non-destructive and easy alternative? The new XRD analysis tool is good..

Best tool-SIMS for calculating P/N dopant concentration

the indispensable P/N doping concentration profile identify tool-the secondary ion mass spectrum analysis technique-with each wafer/LED process engineer.

How to assemble biomedical chips now rooted in leading IC manufacturers?

Biomedical chips, the new market which has been worked upon by leading IC manufacturers. See how iST is assembling biomedical chips before sample tests!