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Detect Internal Defects in PCBA/Lithium Battery/Engineering Plastics and Other Large Samples with 3D X-ray

3D X-ray are also ideal for non-destructive inspection over 3D IC, MEMS, and even PCB, PCBA, lithium battery/engineering Plastics…

How to identify burnt area in case of IC EOS?

What should you do to identify burnt areas in order to proceed with circuit design modification? The iST Tech Classroom presents some typical cases to help you pinpoint component EOS abnormal hot spots…

Determining Whether IC Defects are Caused by the Poor Packaging

The iST Tech Classroom for this month is about finding ways to pinpoint IC package defects without damaging the sample itself. Step 1: Positioning, detect failure depth…

When is the Best Time to Identify Defects with 3D X-ray

iST presents you a hot defect detection device in non-destructive way: 3D X-ray. This hot hardware of zero-dead angle shooting and image surrounding has solved 1023 customer cases…

For Abnormal High Resistance Value of the WLCSP Device, How to Identify the Defect

iST proposes 3 steps for selecting the failure analysis tools, so that the defect can be found and the true cause of failure can be identified…

How to Find IC Hot Spot Fast

Communication chips failed and the bug indicator tells there is a hot spot in existence. How to identify causes? Let us present two typical cases…

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