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New Challenge in 1.5 Mil Taiko Wafer with High Wafer Strength

Wafer Ultra thinning has been the most direct and effective process improvement in cutting power consumption and input impedance of power semiconductors which not only reduce packaging dimension but also…

Identify Solder Ball Defect in Advanced Packaging from Die Backside

Advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration is hot today. That’s the case with the quality of solder balls as well. How to identify solder ball defects quickly?

iST Latest Case Study in Die Bonding of Advanced Packaging

How to perform flip chip die bonding on substrate with AI pad only? How to prevent non-wetting or displacement when the copper pillar bump is replacing solder ball in the era of advanced packaging?…

Learn About These Three Demands to Tackle the Challenges of the AI Chip Reliability Design

Applying AI technology to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention is a hot topic now, how to apply AI in accurate pandemic prediction and prevention?

How to Monitor the Severity Level of Air Quality and Ensure Your Product Meet the Verifications of Compliance in ISA 71.04

Customer requires that your product needs to meet the air quality standard of ISA 71.04 compliance for G2 or G3 level. How to face customers’ requirements…

TEM Applications for III-V Materials Analysis

With increasing demand in the market, GaN based III-V materials are fabricated into high brightness light emitting diode (LED) and laser diodes (LDs) [1]…