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The ProPowertek team is staffed by elite engineering personnel from power IC’s front-, center- and back-end manufacturers. They aim to develop “integration services for wafer’s back-end process of power discrete components” with applications in Dr. MOS-based compact components, rapid charging components for lithium batteries, and the IGBT industry.

A joint venture of iST and DERKA. Its staple services include LED, PCB, PCBA, System Reliability Verification Service in fields of automotive, LED and medical electronics.

Simplay Labs, LLC is the leading provider of standards compliance and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics and mobile devices that incorporate HDMI, MHL, HDCP and WiSA-based technologies. Simplay Labs and its worldwide Authorized Testing Centers (ATCs) offer device manufacturers a full suite of testing programs, test equipment, development and performance tools designed to ensure the highest level of performance and interoperability amongst devices transmitting and receiving premium digital audio/video content. Simplay Labs is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Silicon Image, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIMG)

ICleviathan Ltd. is the authorized Sales Agent representing iST in the region of Israel; ICleviathan Ltd. is an Israeli IC supply chain company, established in 2005, specialize in managing customers’ operations throughout the IC flow cycle.

Lab First is an authorized agent representing iST in North America.
Lab First is an IC consultant company,headquartered in Vancouver, Canada ,provide analytical service and intergrated solution specialize in semiconductor related field.

ITC is the distributor of iST in Japan, established in 2008, aim at an innovative laboratory engaging the most advanced research and development activities specifically applying ion implantation, thin film deposition and analysis expertise and equipments. They help clients researchers of companies and academia as a good partner.
ITC provide Japan customer professional services and local consultation services as iST’s distributor from now on.