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Social Welfare

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Social Welfare

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More than Thirty Social Welfare Events are Carried out to Contribute to Society

In addition to providing professional technology services, iST fulfills its corporate social responsibility and participates in government and community events for enriching the local quality of life. Through involvement in education, cultural, economic and social activities, iST carries out the corporate social responsibility and promotes the spirit of this responsibility to its partners. We adhere to the concept “taken from society, give back to society” and lead employees to devote ourselves into social welfare and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen. Throughout these years, we’ve held lots of activities, including donations to social groups, blood donation, employment of people with disabilities, response to the spirit of Earth Day and disaster relief. All of our employees participate in these events and work together to make larger contributions.

Support for disadvantaged groups and donation of disaster relief funds

  • Donation
  • Receipt donation
  • Recycling donation
  • Goods donation

Blood donation

  • Holding at least two blood donations a year.
  • Employment of people with disabilities: Hiring people with visual disabilities and provide massage services to customers and employees.

Environmental protection event

  • Our restaurant uses eco-friendly tableware.
  • Provides discounts for people who bring their own cups in our coffee shop.
  • We hold stair climbing contests and recycling events to advocate energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Education in remote areas

  • Visit children in remote areas.
  • Donate books to people in remote areas.