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Message from the Chairman

For nearly 30 years, iST has cemented its role as a medical center in the electronics industry; we uphold the mission of accelerating the development of customers’ products and solving problems of customers’ products, dedicating ourselves to creating maximum value for customers to produce a win-win situation. As the leader in the verification and analysis industry, we continue to follow the industry development trend, taking preemptive actions to help electronics industry suppliers in Taiwan keep moving toward prospective fields, such as IoT, 5G, AI, automotive electronics, and space and defense electronics.

To fulfill iST’s mission of being a trustworthy third-party laboratory in the electronics industry, we continue to intensify advanced technology services, expand the strength of verification and analysis, and expand the capacity to support customers’ growth. With the promotion of the advanced process, iST’s capacity for material analysis has been expanded by 40%. We have gained customer recognition for our material analysis technology content at the 2/3-nanometer process node through our relentless efforts. There is also good news in the layout of automotive electronic services. After multiple reviews, the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) officially recognize iST as an AEC member. We are the first recognized third-party laboratory in Asia.

Along the way, we adhere to ethical management, continuing to improve corporate governance and strengthen the function of the Board of Directors to steady sustainability and development. We are dedicated to establishing a friendly workplace that is diverse, fair, and inclusive, focusing on talent cultivation and development and valuing the work-life balance of the employees. We actively engage in charitable activities, supporting marginalized groups to give back to society. We also implement environmental protection and energy conservation in our business, intending to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. We collaborate with our supplier partners to implement ESG sustainability concepts and actions, expecting that iST become a responsible enterprise that makes our customers, employees, and shareholders satisfied。

The brief description of iST’s efforts in various aspects of sustainable development:

As a sustainable business, iST not only focuses on raising its value but also emphasizes the rights and interests of shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and society. Being a third-party laboratory, integrity is our foundation, as well as the faith for us to maintain the interests of stakeholders. We keep standing on the cutting edge and continue innovating to share our success with partners.

In the implementation of the corporate social responsibility, iST continuously improves corporate governance and environmental safety management. Through rigorous information safety control mechanisms, we have passed ISO/IEC 27001 certification, ensuring the utmost confidentiality of customer cases. To fulfill our commitment to environmental sustainability, iST has passed the certifications of the ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. We continuously manage, conserve resources, prevent pollution, and promote environmental sustainability through the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

The employees are the most crucial asset of iST. We adhere to the core value of “Focus on Human” and the concepts of “Respect for Human Rights” and “Diversity and Inclusiveness.” We are devoted to establishing a friendly workplace that is diverse, fair, and inclusive because we believe “Happy employees lead to satisfied customers.” We expect that iST could become a company that employees are proud of. We emphasize talent cultivation and development. Through the comprehensive learning framework and the talent development mechanisms, we support the employees’ learning and development and the needs of the Company’s growth momentum; meanwhile, we strive to build a learning organization that pays attention to talent cultivation and development. We pay attention to the employees’ work-life balance and build diverse employee feedback channels and learning platforms, dedicating ourselves to establishing a workplace with integrity, health, and safety to ensure that we provide a safe working environment and good physical and emotional support to the employees.

iST concerns labor market and employment issues, dedicating ourselves to cultivating talents inside and outside the organization. Through industry–government–academia collaboration, we actively leverage our influence. We continue to participate in the government’s employment promotion plan to enhance the employment competitiveness and skills of unemployed people. By 2022, we have cooperated with the government, actively hiring over a hundred unemployed people. We actively cultivate the technical talents of the new generation through industry–academia collaboration and resources, continuing to cooperate with various schools and institutions . Through industry collaboration, we inject new energy to provide robust support to students. In social engagement, we also keep collaborating with social welfare groups, striving to infuse warmth into society by donating and providing scholarships to assist disadvantaged groups.  

Global citizen has reached a consensus on ecology and environmental protection. iST, as a service-oriented company, in addition to help customers to import lead-free and halogen-free process improvement, we are closely linked to the European Union and international companies to be familiar with all environmental laws and regulations, assisting our customers in green manufacturing process to maintain the beauty of the earth.

In the future, iST will keep upholding the operating philosophy of sustainable development and integrate ESG concepts into the business direction. We will continue to maintain good communication with inside and outside stakeholders in corporate governance, social inclusion, and environmental protection, promote ESG strategy plans, and implement UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to practice the role of corporate citizenship, progress with partners and stakeholders from all sectors, and create a co-prosperous sustainability future.