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When is the Best Time to Identify Defects with 3D X-ray

iST presents you a hot defect detection device in non-destructive way: 3D X-ray. Since its launch by iST last year, this hot hardware of zero-dead angle shooting and image surrounding has solved 1023 customer cases…

For Abnormal High Resistance Value of the Device, How to Identify the Defect

Computer simulation of device on-board stress-match is normal but the reliability test fails. Is this a device -PCB matching issue or rather that the packaging solder ball lacks durability?

How to Calibrate HDR Brightness to Avoid Distortion

HDR (High Dynamic Range) has become the standard of television specifications. As an engineer of display products, why discontinuous contour symptoms still happen even though you have followed the standard?

How to Find IC Hot Spot Fast

Communication chips failed and the bug indicator tells there is a hot spot in existence. Where is it and how to identify causes to this failure?

Rising demands for LTE MIMO OTA mandatory test

CTIA LTE MIMO OTA test plan for MIMO downlink version 1.1 has become mandatory for certification testing, which means the smart hand-held manufacturers who intend to obtain the CTIA certification will need to conduct MIMO OTA test in a third-party lab…

Do You Really Have to Break A Wafer to Measure Its Surface Roughness

Do you really have to break a wafer to measure its surface roughness?Is it really impossible to do this measurement over full-size wafer from 6″, 8″, up to 12″?…

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