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Support Your SMT DOE Tests in Small but Various Batches When In-House SMT Lines Fully Occupied

iST SMT assists you in SMT DOE tests and optimizes the combination parameters to solve SMT issues in R&D…

How to effectivity verify the creep corrosion failure occurrence on electronics?

The IT equipment was easily affected by corrosive gases, moisture…Therefore, it is very important to verify the robustness against creep corrosion…

Face the Inevitable Test Failure. How to Solve Warpage Problem of Automotive Advanced Packages

With booming IoV, the advanced packaging chip has been adopted overwhelmingly. But subsequent, how to solve Automotive advanced package warpage problem…

Count Warpage Amount Before SMT to Avoid Solder Empty and Early Failure

Warpage suffered by IC component may ramp up when SMT on PCBs due to different CTEs between ICs and PCBs. which, in turn, leads to poor reliability…

New Package New Challenges, Solutions for Two Issues of Automotive Electronics Reliability Testing

The semiconductor packaging tech is being advanced driven by booming self-driving car. Allan Tseng is here to share Automotive Testing to cope with new PKG…

Two Obstacles, Challenges and Solutions for Advanced Packaging in Automotive Reliability

To keep up with the demand for high-speed transmission, automotive semiconductor chips are growingly packaged in MCM/SiP assembly, instead of BGA…