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Reduce Warpage Deformation by Low Temperature Soldering Process

Here comes the new method of Low Temperature Soldering (LTS) by the iST’s BLR lab to reduce level of warpage deformation with less thermal stress…

Why Is Preconditioning Test Confused with MSL Test All the Time?

Most of us tend to confuse the Preconditioning Test required by customer with MSL Test – what’s the difference between the two?

Latest Automotive Specifications Explore the Zero-Defect World of AEC-Q004

Addressing zero defects, the first edition of AEC-Q004 guidelines has been released by AEC in 2020. This is a handbook aimed to supplement the specifications of AEC-Q100-104, and AEC-Q200…

How to Eliminate Underfill Voids with Vacuum Pressure Oven

iST reliability lab introduces a vacuum pressure oven, which can prevent the underfill voids from affecting the reliability test results…

Learn About These Three Demands to Tackle the Challenges of the AI Chip Reliability Design

Applying AI technology to the COVID-19 pandemic prevention is a hot topic now, how to apply AI in accurate pandemic prediction and prevention?

How to Monitor the Severity Level of Air Quality and Ensure Your Product Meet the Verifications of Compliance in ISA 71.04

Customer requires that your product needs to meet the air quality standard of ISA 71.04 compliance for G2 or G3 level. How to face customers’ requirements…