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How to Find IC Hot Spot Fast

Communication chips failed and the bug indicator tells there is a hot spot in existence. How to identify causes? Let us present two typical cases…

3 Steps to identify the causes of 3D-IC failures

The 3D chip stacking technology for improved electronic product performance comes with its own problems, it’s much harder to pinpoint defects encountered…

How to Pinpoint the Defect in MEMS Component?

A smart device screen fails to turn: is it a device failure or a component defect?If it’s a MEMS component defect: is it a leak, obstruction, or off-set? Most importantly, how do you pinpoint the cause?As a smartphone developer or MEMS components designer…

What 3D X-ray upgrade can do for you?

iST has upgraded its equipment stock with a ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa, a cutting-edge High Resolution 3D X-ray Microscope, for industry leading resolution…

Thermal EMMI (InSb) – Easy spotting of defects without de-capsulation, applicable to 3D packaged products.

iST has heard your needs and introduced Thermal EMMI (InSb) for detecting defects without de-capsulation of IC., including a low-resistance (<10ohm)...

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