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How to find the SiP/ MCM Defects

How to find suspected defects from complicated MCP/SiP structure? How to isolate interference from other chips/dies and get correct testing results?

How to Find the Defects of a Flip Chip QFN

How to quickly pinpoint defects of a FCQFN with failure analysis tools? We will show you how to pinpoint the defect position with iST‘s five steps…

Identify Solder Ball Defect in Advanced Packaging from Die Backside

Advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration is hot today. That’s the case with the quality of solder balls as well. How to identify solder ball defects quickly?

Exclusive Test Methods Get TIM Defects Checked Quickly

“TIM(Thermal Interface Materials)” has been the key to the useful life of high-power advanced packaging products which, in turn, is determined by its…

Pinpoint Leakage Current Point of MIM Capacitor in Five Steps

MIM capacitor is widely adopted in screening out noise from RF-IC, serving as load components in digital electronics and general used in IC and PCB…

3 Steps to identify the causes of 3D-IC failures

The 3D chip stacking technology for improved electronic product performance comes with its own problems, it’s much harder to pinpoint defects encountered…