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Quick Quiz for MOSFET Wafer Thinning Process

Many customers would like to know further about the thickness limit of wafer thinning, and the procedure of MOSFET wafer thinning, the present demand…

Fab Discovery-How to Make a Flimsy Wafer? The Taiko Grinding Process

Since 2018, iST officially entered into the wafer thinning process service, which is a critical process between the wafer mass production and packaging…

Electro-less Plating –Your High CP Value Choice for MOSFET FSM

Electro-less Plating process has one critical feature: it can grow NiAu or NiPdAu selectively on Al pads with a series of redox reactions instead of…

Sputtering Deposition V.S. Electro-less Plating: Two Options for MOSFET FSM

FSM is a critical process for MOSFET wafer thinning. Featuring high switch speed, low input impedance and low power consumption, the MOSFET is…

How to Quickly Reduce MOSFET RDS(on) Without Changing Your Design

MOSFET has been playing the role of “switch socket” for a long time in the electronics world. Featuring a high switching speed, low input impedance and low power consumption,…

iST Officially Enters MOSFET Wafer Backend Process Integrated Services

iST has decided to tap into MOSFET wafer process field, because iST has found a lack of wafer thinning and surface process available for customers between foundry and packaging operations…