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iST steps into solder joint reliability test of wearable devices

As wearable applications thrive and lead the trend in the global technology industry, iST announces today (June 10, 2014) its formal engagement in solder joint reliability test services of wearable flexible print circuits (FPC), expecting to resolve reliability issues encountered by IC designers and FPC suppliers regarding wearable products, for ensuring the yield in chip assembly of wearable products…

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iST Enters Into Strategic Alliance With Simplay Labs to Offer HDMI 2.0/MHL 3.0/HDCP 2.2 Testing

HSINCHU, Taiwan, June 3, 2014 – iST, a leader in certification services of electronic products, today announced it entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Simplay Labs, the leading provider of standards compliance and interoperability testing services for consumer electronics (CE) and mobile devices, to give its customers access to the full suite of testing capabilities for HDMI® 2.0 (High-Definition Multimedia Interface), MHL® 3.0 (Mobile High-Definition Link), and HDCP 2.2 (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) enabled devices…

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A leap in MA Energy through high-end TEM installation& authority engagement Dr. Chung-Xing Bao

While the semiconductor industry continuously pursues 20/14 nm processes, iST joins in by enhanced its capabilities in Material Analysis…

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iST escalates drop test scale for quality of unbreakable cell phones

Consumers’ high expectations for shock resistant smart phones are leading to ever more restrictive test standards for major international manufacturers for product quality assurance…

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iST announces the ESD lab of iST Shanghai was approved by Texas Instruments

After being certificated by the international brand, Dell, Delphi, Continental, Lenovo, Cisco and hp in recent years, iST today (2013/10/17) announces the ESD lab of iST Shanghai was approved by Texas Instruments, and has received the orders from TI…

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iST Announces Proprietary Development of a Standard Flow of FA for MEMS G-Sensor

With the rapid and booming development of advanced technologies, MEMS devices have become the core of intelligent products…

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