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Breakthrough in Automotive BLR Verification AEC-Q007 Specs Released

AEC announced the release of the AEC-Q007 specs in March. As a member of the AEC, iST promptly analyzed the content of the AEC-Q007 specs…

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iST Authorized as USB Power Delivery (PD) Independent Test Lab by USB-IF

iST (TWSE:3289) has officially obtained authorization from the USB-IF to become a USB P Independent Test Lab….

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iST Facilitates IECQ-ITL Certification for Inventec’s Automotive Electronic Business Division

iST has assisted Inventec’s Automotive Electronic Business Division Product Assurance (PA) Test Lab in obtaining the IECQ ITL certification…

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iST Assists Clientron Corp in Obtaining DEKRA ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certificate

With the assistance of iST, Clientron Corp., obtaining ISO 26262: 2018 ASIL-D Automotive Functional Safety Certificate from the German certification authority, DEKRA. Clientron is committed to expanding its presence in the worldwide smart automotive supply chain…

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iST Becomes an Official VESA ClearMR Center

iST Signal Integrity Testing Laboratory has recently obtained official recognition from the VESA as an ATC for ClearMR certification. This means iST can provide customers with relevant technical research and testing services to ensure products meet technical specs and obtain certification marks…

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iST, the first Asia laboratory to join the Automotive Electronics Council as an Associate Member

The AEC – the highest level of global automotive electronics qualification association – has recently officially recognized iST as one of its Associate Member…

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iST Tai-Yuan Lab(Hsinchu Taiwan) is officially open

iST has set up Tai-Yuan Lab and expand testing equipment and instrument. The new Laboratory is officially opened today…

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Responding to Carbon Neutrality Trend, iST and DEKRA iST Launch LTS Platform Together

To assist customers in achieving carbon reduction targets, iST and DEKRA iST launch of LTS, low temperature soldering verification platform together…

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PSI‘s Action for Patent Infringement against iST, Case Rejected by the Supreme Court and Officially Concluded

Regarding PSI&#8216s appeal for Patent Infringement against iST, the Supreme Court has invalidated PSI&#8216s patent no. I588880 and officially concluded this case…

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