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LED Industry
LED products evolved quickly in recent years. With increasing applications, quality risk faced more challenges, especially when new processes and materials keep replacing.  For quality assurance, lifespan improvements and failure analyses, an effective system is necessary to build for assisting manufacturers and designers in the preliminary verification and periodical monitoring.
Currently, major international organizations have not yet effectively set up generalized specifications for LED products but mostly commonly used for discrete semiconductors, e.g., AEC Q-101 for automobile electronics. Therefore major manufacturers tend to establish their own standards for product acceptance or quality control purposes. Being different from general electronic components, the major controlling factor of LED is the current, which concerns optical and thermal properties; therefore the planning of equipment for LED is different from that of traditional ICs.

Available information about LED failure analysis was scarce since LED products were hardly for high-price applications in the past. Because most manufacturers had their own patents, it had been less likely for high-end equipment being used for defective products or RMA analyses.

Therefore IST devised a series of techniques for verifying LED products based on different attributes. From EPI, packaging to finished goods, customers may specify test categories based on product attributes. IST also provides verification consultation and total solutions including test design, durability calculation, quality improvement, LM-80 declaration of conformity. Effective procedures have been established for product failure analyses including LED optical decay, discoloration, adhesive anomaly, packaging quality, finished goods for modular use, etc. At the moment, IST also provides a temperature controllable integrating sphere system (50cm) and MCD measurement services to meet specific needs of customers during the tests, improving test efficiency and precision.

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