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IC & MEMS Industry
Besides being one member of the Two Trillion & Twin Star industries in Taiwan, the IC industry plays an important role in the global semiconductor supply chain. The industrial chain comprising the upstream, midstream and downstream is complete in Taiwan; countless suppliers are involved in IC design, wafer processing, packaging, testing and other related fields, and the throughput is stunning. Many are world leaders.
The product cycle of electronic goods is getting shorter and shorter nowadays in a trend of higher integration and more environment protection in new generation products. This urges development of new designs and new process technologies, and reinforcement of new statutory regulations, continuously, deriving demands for verification and analysis. Therefore, Integrated Service Technology (IST) endeavors to provide comprehensive solutions with its comprehensive equipment and sophisticated engineering experiences. In addition to satisfying the customer with new product verification over currently matured processes, improvements in production yield, and analysis over rejected materials (RMA), IST also actively injects R&D energy to developing reverse engineering, verification engineering and failure analysis techniques addressing New ICs (e.g., MEMS), advanced packaging technologies (e.g., WLCSP, 3D IC), and material alterations (e.g. Cu wire bonding), to closely follow the trend of development in industrial technologies.

In order to catch up with rapid movements in marketplace and technologies that become more complicated, the company continuously intensifies its equipment. A professional consulting team is established to provide comprehensive customized services including component reliability verification, failure analysis, test flow design, and on-site training assisting customers to promptly resolve the problems on hand, to expedite the progress of product development, and to enhance product efficiency.

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IC & MEMS Industry Application category
IC Reverse Engineering
IC Verification
IC Failure Analysis
MEMS Failure/Reliability/Reverse Engineering
LED Industry
LED Verification for U.S. Energy Star®
LED LM-80 Test for Energy Star®
LED - Failure Analysis
LED - Reliability Test
PCB Industry
Halogen-free PCB Reliability Test and Failure Analysis
PCB - Failure Analysis
PCB - Reliability Test
Automotive Electronics
Failure Analysis of Automotive IC & Parts
Reliability Test of Automotive IC
Reliability Test of Automotive Materials
Environmental Chemical Analysis of Automotive Materials
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