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IST offers a fine working environment, a well paying salary, and an excellent array of benefits to provide our employees a balance in work, life, and leisure. Join IST today!

High compensation

   A two-month bonus guarenteed

   Annual salary adjustment
(based on performance, qualifications, experience)   


   Labor Insurance

   National Health Insurance

   Fully paid Group Insurance

Subsidized traveling & paid vacations each year

Specialized benefits


   Wedding and funeral

   Scholarships for children's education

Shares and dividends

Annual health check-up (free)


   New employee training

   On-the-job/ In-house training

   Outside or Overseas training

   Managerial competency training

Paid holidays (based on Labor Standard Laws)

   Weekends and officials holidays off

   Vacation benefits: 
1-day paid leave after first two months of service
Paid vacations start after 1 year of service

   Non-leave bonus

Other supplements

   Provide cafeteria and meal allowances

   Provide parking space and accomodation supplement

   Staff welfare commitee holds various events, activities and travel annually for the whole company

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