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Chemical Analysis

In response to the ever-increasing international regulations for environmental protection and requirements by major global manufacturers for restricted and prohibited chemicals in products, the Chemical Analysis Lab at iST provides the manufacturers with reliable test data and analysis of whole machine, partial machine, components, and raw materials. The goal is to assist the manufacturers to comply with various regulations world widely and the certifications required by major global companies, and reduce the risk of violation of related regulations.

Service Scope
Integrated testing service for green products.
Product test: analysis of chemicals in product (RoHS 2.0 CE/ REACH/ ELV/ packing material directive/ Norway POHS/ California 65/China RoHS Requirements/ JIG101/JGPSSI). 
Certification of new WEEE directive ( 2012/19/ EU).
Analysis of material related to Conflict Mineral.
Battery directive testing. 
PFOS/ PFOA testing.
PAHs testing.
Halogen testing (including BFR and CFR). 
CPSC/ CPSIA testing.
Toy testing (such as EN71-3 by EU).
Quick sieve analysis by EDXRF.
Contaminant analysis.
Unidentified materials testing.
Risk tests of regular heavy metals (including lead, cadmium, mercury, gold, silver, chromium, platinum, copper, zinc, palladium, nickel, manganese, antimony, bismuth, barium, tin, arsenic, etc.) 
Automotive environmentally friendly materials testing. (such as GADSL).
Medical materials testing.
Ion contamination and ion migration of series IPC TM 650. 
Courses of environmental laws and regulations and on-site analysis techniques.
Counsel of ISO 17025 lab certification.
Counsel of establishment of QC080000.
REACH regulations testing.
Registration service of REACH regulations.
Introductive service to green supply chain information system.

The Superiority of iST       
ISO 17025 Certification for chemical analysis of electronic, electric materials, devices, and plastics.
Introduced GLP and participated in chemical lab capability comparison with IRMM and APLAC in EU and Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspections.
Established channels of communication with IRMM, TAC, IEC, ERA in England and NIST in the US; also regularly attend relevant international conferences to acquire the most recent and correct information.
Integrating physical and chemical inspection techniques and equipment; strengthening techniques for preparation, inspection and analysis of sample materials.

Chemical Analysis

Hazardous Substance/Unidentified Contaminant Test
RoHS Test
PoHS Test
PAHs Test
EU / USA Toy Directive Testing
Unidentified Contaminant/Material Test
Halogen Test
Counseling/System Establishment
Counseling and Application of China-RoHS 2.0 Certificate
Counseling on Green Mark Application
WEEE Registration Services / Recycle Instructions
QC080000 Management System Consultancy
ErP & EuP Directive Counseling Projects
Counseling on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory
Establish CSR Information System
Training on Green Product Related Statuted
Counseling on ISO 17025
Counseling on IATF16949/ISO13485
EPEAT Consultation

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