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Reliability Test

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The IST Reliability Engineering Division was established by a team from the Industrial Technology Research Institute. We provide complete environmental and reliability testing services from component level to module and systems level. Our laboratories are the nation's finest and expertized with a widespread of professional reliability technical service. Although reliability testing results are based on quanitative data, IST possesses strong Failure Analytic Technologies to enhance the ability to improve a product's reliability. Therefore, we not only provide a comprehensive reliability service platform, but also services to facilitate the component/ subsystems/ systems level process DOEs as well as failure analysis and reliability verifications.

Fast Service and Excellent Quality

IST Reliability Engineering Division has all the verification testing hardware that the industry needs to provide customers with rapid testing service completion times. We have received certifications such as ISO9000, ISO/IEC17025, and TAF(CNLA)17025 as well as many other certifications from international companies such as DELPHI, DELL, Cisco, Hp, etc.


System / Module Reliability Engineering Test
Thermal Cycling/ Shock Test
Corrosion Test
Noise Test
Storage Environment Test
Sand/ Dust/ Rain/ Water Immersion Test
Vibration and Mechanical Shock Test
Damage Boundary Curve (D.B.C) Test
Fan Reliability Test
Material Test for Automotive
Temperature and Humidity Combined Vibration Test
UV Test
Xenon Light Test
Cross Cut Test
Artificial Sweat Test
Surface Attrition/ Hardness/ Coating Thickness Test
Surface Roughness Test
Flammability Test
Ozone Test
Solvent Resistance Test
Mould Corrosion Test
Chip Stone Test
Climatic Environmental Test
Temperature and Humidity Testing (Damp Heat Test)
Dry Heat Test
Low Temperature Test
Walk-in Chamber
Thermal Cycling / Shock Test
Temperature and High Altitude (Low Air Pressure) Test
Salt Spray Test
Fibrous Dust Test

Dynamic Environmental Test
Vibration Test
Mechanical Shock Test
Bump Test
Loose Cargo-Bounce Test
Drop Test
Earthquake Test
Package Compression Test
Industries/Outdoor Environmental Test
Sand/ Dust/ Rain/ Water Immersion Test
Solar/UV Radiation Test
Gas Corrosion Test
Accelerated Corrosion Verification Platform
Wind Speed Test
Mechanical Stress Test
Push/ Pull Test
Bending Test
Twist Test
Connector Life Test
Dye/ Pry Test

Design Verification
Fan Reliability Test
Shock Fragility(Damage Boundary Test)
Reliability Demonstration(MTBF)
Acoustic Test
Component on Board Level Reliability Test
Lead Free Qualification
Lead-free Reliability Introduction
Lead-free Assembly Quality Inspection
Lead-free PCB/Component Level Reliability Test
PCBA/ System Level Reliability Test
Component Reliability Test
High-temperature / High Electric Field Induced Gate Leakage Test
Heat Resistance and Solderability Test
Thermal Shock Test (Gas / Liquid)
Press Test
Moisture Sensitivity Level Test
IC Operation Life Test(OLT)
IC Reliability Qualification Board Assembly(Burn in Board)
IC ESD Protection Test and Latch-up Test
Component Vibration Test
Component Pre-condition
Component Mechanical Shock Test
BGA Solderability Test
Highly Accelerated Stress Test (HAST)

Board Level Reliability Test
Component on Board Reliability Analysis (Board Level RA)
Mechanical Stress Test
Component on Board Failure Analysis(Board Level FA)
BGA Rework (Re-Ball)
Other Test
European Telecommunications Reliability Test
Automotive Electronics Reliability Test
Environment Stress Screening (ESS)
Systems/ Module Electrostatic Discharge
Challenges facing the medical electronics industry in 2014
PCB Pad Cratering Verification
Trace weight measurement and analysis
IC Components Weight Loss/Gain Analysis

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