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Introduction and Application of FIB

The Innovative FIB Circuit Edit

FIB (Focused Ion Beam) is a major achievement of iST in its recent endeavors in developing IC circuit edit techniques. Conductive holes and pads are formed on the IC surface by way of FIB, and then they are connected with metal wires through special bonding to form conductive paths.

This type of bonding has versatile applications, the following three are the most frequently used ones:

I. Low-resistance connecting wire: taking 1000um as an example, the surface connection wire using iST's  N-FIB has a resistance less than 100 ohm, which is unattainable in a conventional FIB. With such a low resistance, it is insignificant to the resistance of conductive-holes on both ends of the connecting wire, therefore the connection resistance can be estimated by taking conductive-hole resistance as the main factor. This conductive-hole resistance is dependent on the material of metal deposit and the size and depth of the attainable excavation in the metal layer, thus enabling resistance estimation in advance based on conditions of customer samples.

II. Signal extraction: taking out signals for validation tests by way of metal connecting wires. Due to low resistance and conductance in the entire connection path in comparison with the use of probes, many IC designers are using this method to replace conventional probe measurements. The picture below shows that signal is extracted out of the IC by using N-FIB, so that the IC designer is enabled to measure the signal by direct contact with the external silver wires.
III. Addition of active components: iST's  N-FIB enables direct addition of resistances or capacitors of various specifications on the IC surface, facilitating the IC designer with easy debugging.


Signal is extracted by using N-FIB 
low resistance、high current、low parasitic
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