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Hazardous Substance/Unidentified Contaminant Test
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PoHS Test

PoHS (Prohibition on Certain Hazardous Substances in Consumer Products), issued by Norway and became effective on January 1st, 2008. While this law is only enforced in Norway, PoHS still may become the standard accepted by imports of consumer products to the EU since hardly any manufacturer will customize their products to comply with the regulations from one country.

PoHS covers a broader range of products than RoHS, which include almost all consumer products such as consumer electronics and appliances, clothes, buildings, and toys. This regulation does not apply to foods and their packaging, chemical fertilizers, medical equipments, cigarettes, transportation and its fixtures, tires and other transportation parts. Up to 18 types of substances are regulated in PoHS, only 2 of which (Pb and Cd) are included in the RoHS directive by EU. In order to comply with such strict regulations and clear the obstacles into the EU market, iST can assist the clients to conduct risk evaluation and related tests.

Service Scope
     Risk evaluation of 18 substances regulated by PoHS.
     PoHS Testing.

The Superiority of iST 
ISO 17025 Certification for chemical analysis of electronic, electric materials, devices, and plastics.
Chemistry lab qualified by CNAS.
Introduced GLP and participated in chemical lab capability comparison with IRMM and APLAC in EU and Bureau of Standards, Metrology, and Inspections.
Established channels of communication with IRMM, TAC, IEC, ERA in England and NIST in the US; also regularly attend relevant international conferences to acquire the most recent and correct information.
Integrating physical and chemical inspection techniques and equipment; strengthening techniques for preparation, inspection and analysis of sample materials.

PoHS Testing
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