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Counseling and Application of China-RoHS 2.0 Certificate
Manufacturers should obtain a China RoHS 2.0 certification before selling electrical and electronics products in mainland China. China RoHS 2.0 is the updated administration ruling on Restriction of hazardous substance in Electrical & Electronic product which came into effect on 1st July, 2016 jointly by China’s Ministry of Information & Industry ( MII ) and the other seven government departments.
China RoHS 2.0 has raised the certification bar due to the great change in scope of products and the conformity assessment system compared with the old version. As a result, how to interpret the regulations and make a certification plan will soon be the biggest problem faced by the manufacturers.

Hazardous substances contained in any listed product must be below the limitations set in accordance with the China national standard GB/T 26572-2011 Requirements, current limitations on the hazardous substances are:
Lead and its compounds – 0.1%;
Mercury and its compounds – 0.1%;
Cadmium and its compounds – 0.01%;
Hexavalent Chromium and its compounds – 0.1%;
Poly-brominated Biphenyls-PPBs – 0.1%;
Poly-brominated biphenyl ethers ( PBDEs)– 0.1%;

iST's one-stop counseling service can assist your products quickly entry in China market:
Coverage of China RoHS 2.0 Certificate
Product Type Inspection
Counseling on Factory Certification
Post Certification Supervision

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