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EPEAT Consultation

The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) is a tool set up by US EPA in 2006 for assessing environmental properties of electronic products in their lifespan. It contains severe criteria including energy efficiency, reduction of toxic substances, packing and recycle ratio.

Starting January 2009, the federal government of USA officially requests all affiliate units to purchase EPEAT certified IT products. State governments and private businesses also followed to adopting EPEAT as purchasing standards. It is estimated that registration of EPEAT symbol will be extended to 40 countries and areas. The EPEAT Symbol applies mainly to desktop computers, notebooks and computer displays. Starting 2010, the coverage will extend to copy machines, printers, fax machines, color TVs and other electronic products.

The EPEAT Symbol is divided into 8 assessment indexes, they are Reduction of Hazardous Substances, Green Packing, Green Material Use, Environment Friendly Design, Prolonged Product Lifespan, Organized Environmental Management Performance, Power-saving Design, and Waste Product Control (including battery). Addressing the above 8 items, IST provides Counseling on IT Manufacturer Risk Management and Chemicals Tests, WEEE Compliance Validation Report and Counseling on Eco-design, Counseling on EMS, and Counseling on Testing and Registration.

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