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Establish CSR Information System

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a key indicator that is valued by international society in recent years. Profitability has always been pursued by all enterprises, yet how to emphasize and fulfill CSR while pursuing for profits has now become an important mission for international businesses.

Materializing CSR not only means being responsible to the shareholders but is also answering to all parties of interest (including customers and consumers) on issues such as human rights, employee rights, environment protection and social participation. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has promoted a sustained reporting system which comprehensively encompasses indexes in the economy level, environment level and society level; these indexes are ideal for conducting internal and external CSR dialogues of an enterprise.

Establishing a CSR communication platform for collecting operation data from global production bases is fundamentals for a business in promoting CSR. Besides assisting businesses in setting up management systems, IST also considers overall needs for collecting CSR data and integrating them with the CSR information system in the future, so as to maintain an integral and scalable CSR information system for the business.

Internal CSR information platform helps the business to carry out:
   Data control, to meet audit and verification needs in the future.
   Data diagnosis, to enhance anticipation over the result.
   Target management, to enable a sustained pursuit of corporate goals by the employees, with performance documented.

Services provided by iST
iST Counseling Team possesses professional backgrounds in counseling management systems. iST IT Team possesses professional backgrounds in information systems. IST assists businesses to set up SCR information systems with professional integration that combines management system with information system.

Features of information systems
   Assists the use to establish quantified indexes based on GRI structure and operation database of CSR, for centralized control of global operation performances of the business.
   Lower costs:
     Overall control of blueprint of the development platform, for avoiding insufficient design at the preliminary stage that may cause additional costs at a later stage. 
     Effective design of information sources of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reducing workload of the information provider while maintaining the flexibility of data automation.
   Quick response: 
     When KPI definition and source are ready, personnel in charge of the TQM platform verifies data and analyzes functions before releasing the data to users. 
     For adding in resources of a site or a Plant, all you need to do is to verify the source end data and maintain a special KPI formula.
   Confidential protection:
     Analysis on user access of KPI data.
     Final recognition by role playing.
     Confidentiality control over X- and Y-axis of data.
   Alert management:
     Notification on abnormal data and data delay.
     Color management among KPIs (Target comparison, last term comparison, Site comparison, Plant comparison).
   Real-time services
     Call Center Functions: On-line observation of internal and external users’ browsing behavior, capable of simultaneous access to user interface. 
     Statistic study on internal and external users’ browsing behavior.
     User attractions: 
     Instinct and consistent analysis approach.
     Information coverage ranges from wide to deep.

Service items
   Integration of CSR information
     Occupational Safety/ EHS Department (Environment/Labor Safety Information)
     Personnel Department (Employee related/ Employer-employee structure/ Human Rights Index/ Welfare Index)
     Public Relations Department (Society Construction/ Society Feedback)
     Production Department (By product/ customer/ material … )
   Integration of GHG information 
   Integration of Environmental Accounting Information
     Accounting Department (Environmental expenditure/ income)  
   Customized services: Customer-oriented services that assist customers to establish systems for special needs as well as to counsel on continuous improvements of the system.

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