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Auger Electron Spectroscopy(AES)

Auger Electron Spectroscopy is a means for analyzing surface texture and chemical bonding of materials, applicable to fields including electric engineering, mechanics, electronics, material science, chemistry and chemical engineering.

In AES, electron beam is used as energy source to excite inner level electrons of an atom to escape from the atom. When this happens, the outer level electron will quickly move down to the electron hole in the inner layer and release energy; this energy will excite another outer level electron to escape the atom. This excited electron that escapes atomic bonding and leaves from the specimen surface is called an Auger Electron. Analyzing the Auger Electron, which possesses the same characteristics of the atom, gives us ingredient information of the material.

   Survey of the sample surface 
   Auger depth profile (etch sample surface with Ar+(3kV 1uA) for depth profiling)
   Auger mapping (element distribution mapping within a specified area)
   ECSA (XPS) (beam sample surface with X-ray and detect the ionized photons to analyze element bonding of the material)
Machine specifications:
   Brand and model: UK VG Scientific Microlab 350
   Acceleratiing voltage: 0.5~25kV 
   Magnification: X200~X500,000(WD 15mm)
   Resolution of secondary electron mapping: 7nm(25kV)/35nm(3kV) 
   Resolution of AES mapping: 12nm(25kV) 
   Electron Energy Analyzer: Spherical Sector Analyzer (SSA) 
   Energy resolution: 0.02~2.0% 
   Ion source: 0.1~5kV, Current intensity >5μA at 4kV 
   ESCA/XPS X light source: Double anode Mg Kα/Al Kα (Area >5mm) 
   Max. dimensions of specimen: 10mm (Dia.) x 5mm (H) 
   Range of stage movement: X/Y = +/-9mm/+/-6mm. Z=+5/-15mm. 
   Tilt= -20~90°. Rotation= 0~360°.
   E-Beam size:10~20nm
   ESCA/XPS X-ray size:> 5mm

Appearance of Auger Electon Spectroscope
Sample holder
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