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Thermal Mechanical Analyzer (TMA)

Materials subject to property changes (shrink, expansion, softening, etc.) when temperature varies. TMA (Thermal Mechanical Analyzer) is one of frequently used tools for measuring physical property changes under temperature variations.

TMA mainly detects expanding and shrinking dimensions of a sample in altering temperatures, by which Tg (glass transition temperature) or CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) can be measured. Using TMA to measure Tg and CTE is of great help in terms of process control and improvement to the general electronic industry as well as to material industries such as compound materials, polymers, glass, ceramics, and PCBs. 

   Tg (Glass Transition Temperature).
   CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion).
   Measuring softening point.
   Time to delamination.

Al of thermal expansion coefficiency
Glass Transition Temp eratrue

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