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Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry(SIMS)

Most commonly seen instruments for material surface ingredient analyses include AES, ESCA and SIMS. Among which SIMS is highly sensitive to dopant and impurity detection to the ppma (parts per million atoms) level, or even to ppba (parts per billion atoms) level for some elements, and is extensively used for analyzing semiconductors and thin film materials. 

 Merits of SIMS analyses:
   Detection limit reaches ppma or even ppba.
   Applicable to all H~U elements in the Periodic Table.
   Capable of isotope discrimination.
   Depth profiling resolution 10~20nm, extreme limits: 2~5nm.
   Capable of analyzing poor conductivity of sample.
   Capable of quantitative analysis by way of model sample and RSF (Relative Sensitivity Factor).

SIMS has comprehensive applications in dynamic analytic studies of surface impurities, oxidization reduction, absorption, corrosion and catalyst effects. In particular, SIMS is applicable to trace element distribution analysis, which is extensively employed in R&D tasks in materials, chemicals, physics, metallurgy and electronics. Besides surface and integral analyses, SIMS is also capable of direct image observation of all H-U elements in the Periodic Table with high sensitivity and high resolution, especially effective to isotope elements.

Analyzer Applications Detectable elements Detection limits Sampling depth
1.Surface analysis
2.Micro analysis
0.1~1 at%
1.Surface analysis
2.Depth profile
2.chemical binding
0.1~1 at%
XPS   binding 
1.Surface analysis
2.Depth profile
0.1~1 at%
SIMS  analysis  
1.Surface analysis
2.Depth profile
3.Dopant & impunity
4.Micro analysis

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SIMS、Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry、surface analysis
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