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Dual-beam FIB

iST implements eight of the industry's most advanced FEI Helios-660 Dual-beam FIB machines with excellent image quality and machine reliability. With 24-hour operation by 3 shifts, to provide the clients with prompt and timely services of high quality.

The Dual-beam FIB equipment is capable of simultaneously imaging the cross section by electron beams while cleaving the sample with ion beams. It is equipped with ultra-high resolution ion beams and electron beams, which can perform Nanoscale positioning and observation of fine structures in the sample. With an ion beam current up to 65nA and fast cutting speed, these new systems cut data access time effectively.

Machine Specifications:
   Model:FEI Helios NanoLab 660
   Maximum size of sample:150mm
   150mm2 SDD EDS detector for instant EDS analysis.
   MultiChem gas system to receive up to six sediments or stain gases.
   For observation areas with a width greater than 100um or a depth of 50um the Plasma FIB is  
       recommended for its faster cutting speed.
E-beam I-beam
Resolution 0.6 nm at 15kV
0.7 nm at 1 kV
4.0 nm at 30 kV
Accelerate Voltage 20 V – 30 kV 0.5 kV – 30 kV
Probe current 0.8 pA – 100 nA 0.1 pA – 65 nA

Main applications:
    Failure analysis of semiconductor components (14 nm achievable).
    Anomaly Analysis of semiconductor production lines.
    Epitaxy and structural analysis of thin films.
    Voltage contrast test.
    TEM specimen preparation.
    Nanoscale structure preparation.

Cross Section Analysis
The H660 features excellent E-beam resolution for void and gate oxide of sizes up to 3nm (blue arrow marked) is identified clearly.

EDS Analysis
The large area (up to 150mm2) EDS detector comes with excellent space resolution for advanced application of "concurrent cutting, shooting, and analyzing".

IC Failure Analysis
Run entire EFA > PFA > FIB cross-sectioning processes by a professional failure analysis team.

Copper Grain Analysis
Get large area images of copper grains quickly with a special sample preparation approach (grinding + iron milling).

TEM Sample Preparation
Prepare TEM sample up to 15nm thin.

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