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TLP (Tranksmission Line Pulse)

TLP measurement is a means for characterizing ESD protection components by measuring the Transmission Line. In the past, ESD protection components were only assessed for their functionality with a result of PASS or FAIL, no electrical characteristics of protection circuits were provided for further effective design change.

The TLP approach measures PULSE to verify the ESD protection circuit and provides I-V Curves of the circuit. If combined with results of the traditional ESD assessment, circuit design weakness can be identified quickly, therefore shortening product development time and lowering product development costs.

HED-T5000 Measuring mode:
Normal  mode - Human Body Model characterization.

Machine limitations:
Max. Voltage for sample IV CURVE measurement: 40 V, Max. PULSE for TLP device: 500 V, Max. I: 10A.

TLP Curves of ESD protection circuit (TLP CURVE)
TLP、transmission line pulse、snapback
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