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HP4156 Parameter Analyzer

HP4156 Parameter Analyzer is a high-precision tool for characterizing semiconductor devices. Being capable of tracing I-V curves across diode terminals, Id-Vds-Vg curves of MOSFETs, and transit characteristics of logic gates, HP4156 has become a commonly used device in the industry.

HP4156 Parameter Analyzers has features:
Digitized parameter sweeping (Current/Voltage Sweep)
A reliable inspection means with powerful failure analysis c.apabilities.

The machine is built-in with 4 sets SMUs (2 VMUs, 2 VSUs) : Voltage sources, Current sources, Voltage monitors and Current monitors.

Machine limitations:
Maximum 4 channels, Max. Voltage: 100V; Max. Power: 2W.

ESD protect diode I-V curve
4156、IV Curve、probing
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