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Auto Curve Tracer

Auto Curve Tracer provides characterization of DC and semiconductor components, Electrical Failure Analysis (EFA), and curve graphing (IV-CURVE). The special feature of this Auto Curve Tracer is that it is capable of measuring resistance differences of multiple pins of a sample, up to 1024 pins, simultaneously.

Provide prompt and simple I/V Measure and O/S test function, the very first steps for an EFA.
Design of “Pin Assignment File” includes a corresponding table of Pin Index/ Tester Channel No./ Ball No/ Finger No/ Pin Function/ Pin Attribution that helps the use of fixture. Validation of O/S procedures and Leakage settings of test groups meet the requirements of customers.
The comprehensive O/S testing provides two approaches for setting up test procedures: AutoSet and UserDefine
   Two measuring methods: Force I/ Measure V and Force V/ Measure I.
   Six switch settings: All-to-Pin, Pin-to-All, Pin-to-Pin, All-to-Pins, Pins-to-All, and Pins-to-Pins.
Flexible setting of test conditions of Powered Leakage tests, including three groups of tables - Power/Precondition/Pins Groups– that allow automatic Leakage measurement of all the pins. 
Each Test Project is capable of integrating 3 parameters: O/S, Power Leakage, and Curve Tracer. In mass production test mode, this equipment can be combined with a Handler interface for automated testing. Linked externally with a Keithley 2400 SourceMeter (0.012% basic accuracy with 5-1/2 digital resolution), this equipment can meet high-precision demands.

Machine limitations:

Max. Channels: 1024; Max. voltage: 7 V; Current range: 2.5 μA~ 500 mA.

Auto Curve Tracer
Auto Curve Tracer I-V CURVE
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