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Non-destructive Analysis
Electrical Characteristics Measurement
Defect Detection
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High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscope

High Resolution 3D X-Ray Microscope is a non-destructive method that uses 2D X-ray tomography to take sample images at all angles while turning the fixed sample 360 degrees. Physical images of the tested object are then constructed by computer operation. Through software programs, CT analysis can be performed against the test object to obtain images in different depths so that micro defect can be clearly revealed and verified.

Major applications:
   Defect inspection during IC packaging such as inspections of wire bonding, plastic cracks, bubbles in epoxy or plastic, etc.
   Potential process defects in PCBs and carrier boards, such as circuit miss-align or bridge and open circuit, quality inspection of plated via process, multi-layer PCB layout analysis.
   Defect inspection in all electronic products, including open circuit, short or abnormal connections.
   Solder ball integrity inspection of BGA and flip chip packages, including solder ball deformation, crack, cold soldering, short, and blow hole.
   Crack inspection of high-density plastics or cavity inspection of metals.
   Inspection and analysis of active and passive components.
   Structure inspection of various materials.

The Superiority of iST:
   iST is the very first lab established 3D X-Ray test service, which has the most integrated technique and experience.
   iST provides the high resolution image quality with its state-of-the-art facilities.
   Improve the magnification by its 20X optical lens.

Equipment limitations:
   In case the IC package contains low density material, the X-ray may penetrate the material and be unable to detect it.
   Sample size to be no more than 300mm. Maximum weight < 15 KG.

Machine appearance / model:ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa

Metal Bridge
A mental bridge between the two fingers caused a short-circuit.
Solder Non-Wetting

TSV & Measurement
5~6 μm TSV image and measurement functions.

Wire Short

Coil Open

Micro Bump Void Size Measurement

PCB layout

IC structure analysis
iST’s 3D X-Ray shows the internal IC layout of each layer through cooperating with professional analysis software. Left image:The overall internal IC layout./Right image:The single internal IC layout.
3D x-ray、x-ray、2D x-ray
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