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BGA Solder Ball Joint Inspection

The optical refraction BGA Solder Joint inspection machine (BGA Scope) is used for quick inspection of SMT solder joints in BGA/CSP ICs to overcome blind spots overlooked in the X-Ray inspection or appearance check. A BGA Scope can effectively upgrade analysis quality and reduce the number of destructive analyses for the customer. BGA Scope Analyses are normally performed jointly with X-ray analyses for cross-comparison of analysis results.

Main Applications / Features:
   Non-destructive analysis, Sample can still be delivered or used after repair.
   Wide range of application. Besides BGA / CSP solder joint inspection, also applicable to parts with shielded lead pins or no lead pins. 
   Highly time-effective. It takes 30min or less for inspecting a BGA (according to requirements). Applicable to  external 2BGA rows, normally for the most outer row. 
   Double verification other than X-ray inspection.
   Low-cost, higher economical effect compared with “dye and pry” or “Cross sectioning”.
   Clean and pollution free technology.

Machine appearance / model:
   Magnification:50X ~ 200X
   Suitable for dimension measurement 

Example photo
Broken interface and heavy flux residue between solder ball and package
Example photo
QFN (leadless) dewetting caused by insufficient solder
Example photo
An arc interface caused by non-molten solder ball and flux in BGA (ball grid array)
BGA scope、solder joint、BGA
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