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Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT)

Scanning Acoustic Tomography (SAT), also called Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM), is a method for analyzing materials by measuring the reflecting speed and energy of an ultrasonic wave which is transmitted through the material of a certain thickness.

When sound signals are transmitted, using pure water as the medium, and hit the interface of different materials, part of the signals reflects and part penetrates. The machine then collects the signals and form them into images.

Machine appearance / model
SONIX UHR-2001 machine

Testing modes:
A-scan (ultrasonic signal).
B-scan (2D reflective cross-section detection/ imaging).
C-scan (2D reflective plane detection/ imaging).
Through-scan (pass-through detection/ imaging).

Applications / Features:
Normally used to detect delaminations or cracks inside the package, SAT is capable of detecting micro gaps down to 0.13μm.
IC package level structure analysis
IC package quality on PCBA level
PCB/IC substrate structure analysis
Wafer level structure analysis
WLCSP structure analysis
CMOS structure analysis

Different probe heads are used for different samples. iST has the most comprehensive combination of probe heads in Taiwan, covering LF 15Mhz to HF 230Mhz probes even to UHF probes.

Probe applications :
   15 Mhz – DIP , PLCC , TO, QFP
   35 Mhz – BGA , SOP8 , QFP , SOT223 , TO252 
   50 Mhz – QFN , TQFP, DFN
   75 Mhz – TSSOP , Flash
   110 Mhz –Wafer , Flip chip
   230 Mhz –WLCSP , 3DIC
*Above applications are for reference only; proper probe selection is subject to actual sample conditions.


BGA package Substrate delamination
TSOP package Die & Paddle & Lead delamination
QFN package Die & Paddle & Lead delamination
C-Scan Through-scan
Other sample SAT inspection and analysis
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