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Dual-beam FIB Sample Preparation

iST has installed FEI Helios 450S and FEI Helios 600. They are the most advanced model in the industry, with 24-hour operation by 3 shifts, to provide the clients with prompt and timely services of high quality.

The dual-beam FIB equipment is capable of simultaneously imaging the cross section by electron beams while cleaving the sample with ion beams. It is equipped with ultra-high resolution ion beams and electron beams, which can perform Nanoscale positioning and observation of fine structures in the sample. They significantly improve image quality and the yield of sample preparation for Failure Analysis and TEM.

Basic hardware specifications of DB-FIB System in iST:
   Model : FEI Helios Series
   Sample dimension: 75 – 150mm
   Specimen stage: 5 - axis motorized stage
   Working distance: ~4mm
E-beam I-beam
Resolution 0.8 nm at 15kV
1.2 nm at 1 kV
4.0 nm at 30 kV
Acceleration voltage 50 V – 30 kV 0.5 kV – 30 kV
Probe current ≦22 nA 1.5 pA – 65 nA

Main applications of DB-FIB System are as follows:
    Failure analysis of semiconductor components (20nm achievable).
    Anomaly Analysis of semiconductor production lines.
    Epitaxy and structural analysis of thin films.
    Voltage contrast test.
    TEM specimen preparation.
    Nanoscale structure preparation.

Cross-section Analysis
Omni-probing and TEM sample preparation

LED QW structure

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