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Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher (CP)

Ion Beam Cross-section Polishing (CP), is used for revealing sample cross-sections by way of focused ion beam. Unlike the general CP, FIB CP is capable of eliminating stress effects resulting from the polishing process. Especially when the observed sample possesses both hard and soft materials, CP can a void material extension caused on the soft material by the polishing stress. In addition, the cross-section processed by CP is less affected by stress, it therefore allows more precise analyses on surface characteristics of the sample material, such as EDS, WDS, Auger and EBSD. CP is capable of treating a range of up to 500μm.

CP Sample preparation: 
   Applicable to soft materials, such as Copper, Aluminum, Gold, Tin, Polymer (caution shall be taken for melting temperature).
   Applicable to hard materials such as ceramic and glass, etc.
   Applicable to heterogeneous materials consisting of two or more materials, such as the combination of ceramic, metal, or polymer materials.

Machine specifications/ limits:
Model: IB-09020CP

Ion accelerating voltage
2 to 8 kV
Ion beam diameter
Milling speed
100 um/h
(the average value over 2 hours, at accelerating voltage: 6 kV, specimen: Si, 100 um from edge)
Max. Specimen size
11mm(W) x 10mm(D) x 2mm(T)
Cutting angle
Gas supply for Ion gun


Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher (CP) - Example photo
Cu process sample
Gold finger sample
Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher (CP) - Example photo
Package sample
WLCSP sample
CP、chip polishing、ion milling
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