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Quick-term Assembly
IC Decapsulation
IC Delayer
Cross-section Process
Surface Mount Technique (SMT)
Dual-beam FIB

IC Delayer Process

Remove the multi-layer structure of the chip (passivation, metal, IDL) by repetitive combination of different approaches (ion etching/ chemical etching/ mechanical polishing), to enable layer-to-layer observation or photo-taking of internal defects.

   Failure analysis: identify defects through layer by layer inspection.
   Circuit Reverse Engineering: Clearly resolve multi-layer circuit structures through IC delayer process and following photo-taking.

Machine / model ﹕
   Trion Ion Etching Machine
Example photo of IC Delayer
M1 (OM photo )
M2 (OM photo)
Example photo of IC Delayer 
POLY(OM photo)
Poly / Contact (SEM photo)
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