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IC Decapsulation

Principle of task:
Chemical etching decapsulation: A portion of proper area and depth of the IC packing is removed by chemical etching to expose the internal bonding and dies, without damaging or altering IC’s original electrical characteristics.

Laser etching decapsulation: Removing plastic IC packing with laser etching can achieve more precise positioning than chemical etching. If used in combination with chemical etching, yield rate can be improved due to reduced contact time with chemicals.

IC decapsulation is normally used as the first step of an analysis; and its further analysis can be the appearance inspection, delayer process, FIB, EMMI/OBIRCH, and wire bonding, etc.

Chemical Etching decapsulation: Nisene Auto decap
Laser Etching : FATcat Laser decap

Laser Decap in combination with SEM inspection of second bond pads
IC – Detachment of second bonding pads
IC – second bond pad open
decap、decapsulation、compound removal
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