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Quick-term Assembly
IC Decapsulation
IC Delayer
Cross-section Process
Surface Mount Technique (SMT)
Dual-beam FIB

IC Packaging and Integration

Addressing customer needs on experimental engineering of IC packaging and wire bonding, IST is capable of providing engineering services including as small as re-do tasks, trace refill and sampling, to development of entire projects. The company possesses abundant equipment and human resources and practical experiences, which support consultation services and customer discussions for achieving total solutions.

Available Services:
   PCB development and packaging projects (Fig. 1)
   Re-do of rejected products and sample preparation 
   Planning of small-quantity production
   Ball Shear/Wire Pull/Solder Ball Shear/Die Shear tests
   Wire bonding/Molding/Capping (Fig.2 - Fig.3)
   Backside Sample Preparation

Bump removal(Fig. 1)
Wire bonding/ Molding/ Capping(Fig. 2)
Wire bonding/ Molding/ Capping(Fig. 3)
assembly、quick assembly、bonding
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