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Wafer Dicing Service
Service Items:
   General wafer dicing
    Multi-project wafer dicing (Fig.1: Multi-project wafer dicing)
    Reticle floorplanning before dicing
    Substrate dicing (molded or not molded) (Fig.2: Substrate dicing )
    Ceramic/ Glass substrate dicing
    IPD Dicing (Fig.3: IPD material dicing)
    Dicing of customer rejected packaging


Equipment Model Feature Function
Semi-autoWafer Mount MSA840 Workpiece size ø200 Mount wafers on tape.
FM-6112 Workpiece size ø300
Fully Automatic Dicing Saw A-WD-5000A Workpiece size ø200
(single spindle)
Separate connected parts.
DFD6362 Workpiece size ø300
(Facing dual spindle)
The Antistatic System for Ultrapure Water RC-2000ACD Control range:0.2~2MΩ·cm Control the resistance value of DI water; lower the electrification of the die; prevent the effect of pollution and static.
UV Beam Scanner RAD-2000 Workpiece size ø200 Lower adhesion of UV Tape.
Dosing Machine ADU-12TSS Automatic flow control
Superfine flow sensor display
Improve the conductivity of cutting fluid; lower the temperature of the cutting knife; reduce the damage (ex: static or corrosion ) from the cutting fluid and temperature.

For packaging and dicing problems other than the above items, our engineers can also offer professional consultation and solutions based on our existing equipment and experience.

Wafer Dicing
Fig.1: Multi-project wafer dicing
Fig.2: Substrate dicing (Molded or not molded)
Fig.3: IPD material dicing
wafer saw、MPW、wafer grinding
Please contact nearest location for inquiries :
USA Taiwan ─ Hsinchu China ─ Shanghai Kunshan Beijing Shenzhen Japan
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