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System Boards

PCB design is the task that links “logic circuitry” to a “hardware format”; a PCB design is accomplished when the signal is transmitted via a series of electronic components. iST provides designs that cover the following:

System Board- Commercial products:
   IT products – PC peripherals and PCBs, Note Books, PDAs, work stations
   Communication products - mobile phones, telephone sets, switches, satellite transceivers
   Photoelectric products – digital cameras, LCD TVs, projectors, AD signs
   Bio-products – Pupil/fingerprint identifiers, medical apparatuses, bio-chemical instruments
   Other products – Electric appliances, data storage, machine tools, security equipment, electronic dictionaries

Our features:
   Sophisticated design staff capable of designing most of PCBs
   Reasonable price and excellent quality, low design risks
   Prompt delivery, excellent coordination in design and revision
   Total confidentiality for every case in full duration
   Other departments offer solutions addressing issues other than PCB design, including FA, EMC, etc.

The perfect design can have the best-selling product. 
system board、demo board、bench board
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