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Issues of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic Susceptibility/Immunity (EMS) are getting more and more attention with increasing functionality of electronic systems and complexity of key IC circuit design, required by ever-increasing innovations in consumer electronics and automotive electronic fields.

Facing varied demands in product function and production cost control, IC components are required to be lighter, thinner, more compact, smaller, and faster while offering more functions, capacities, and density, such that more I/Os can be crammed into ever more miniaturized space of grains. All these lead to worsening EMI and EMS.

Both theoretical and experimental data indicate that the issue of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is set right after IC components are selected. In the past, EMC problems are tackled at the end of product design phase (end product) rather than from the beginning at the expense of greater difficulties and complexity.

End product suppliers are suggested to have IC designer provide IC EMC testing reports when purchasing IC products. It is evident that both EMI and product modification costs can be substantially reduced if IC EMC status can be learnt early in the IC design stage and EMI remedial measures taken.

Standards institutes in Taiwan and EU have been working on the creation and integration of IC EMC specifications in recent years. The international automotive electronics industry has introduced mandatory IC EMC inspection standards long time ago. To meet customers’ requirements, iST Technology launched IC EMI inspection facilities to provide full testing service from IC EMI PCB layout to measurement and analysis.

iST also can provide comparison report per standards and demands of various international directives, e.g. SAEJ1752-3, IEC61967-2, and CISPR22, and FCC after tests.

In addition to EMI measurement and analysis against IC, iST has built near field scanner against IC and IC on PCB for debugging. The near field scanner differs from its conventional counterpart, the hand held probe, in its capacity of identifying location and segmented frequency intensity of EMI source by fully seeing through individual IC or specific IC on PCB with grain scale near field scanner at high spatial resolution. This, with IC circuit edit technology, provides important reference for IC EMI solution.

TEM cell test 

Based on standards of SAEJ1752/3 (draft by SAE Society of Automotive Engineers), IEC61967/2(International Electrotechnical Commission), and AECQ100 (Automotive Electronics Council) radiation level of IC noise can be determined and effective IC stability data can be provided for product quality and technical feature control.

Near field scanner

This method follows requirements given by SAEJ1752/2 and IEC61967/3.

The TEM cell identifies noise levels and the near field scanner locates the EMI sources. The latter helps IC and PCB developers in locating EMI sources and troubleshooting product defects by measuring distribution of noise strength with near field probes.

Differing from conventional near field probes, the chip level near field probes with super high spatial resolution and high precision robot arms introduced by IST can fully see through EMI locations on IC surface to provide important reference indicator for solving EMC problems in bands with stronger IC radiation interference.

Photo of TEM cell test
IC EMI test
IC EMI  analysis

Measurement photo of near field scanning
2D near field EMI scanning distribution
3D near field EMI scanning distribution
Measurement photo of near field scanning                                                                       
EMI measurement with open lid IC 
EMI frequency distribution of IC Pins
Summarized distribution of IC EMI noise bands


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