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BGA Rework (Re-Ball)

Soldering defects occur occasionally during the SMT (surface mount technology) process and in the warranty period of products. In addition to scrapping, BGA rework is also another solution frequently used in the industry, which makes BGA’s reliability draw more attention than ever. More and more international manufacturers are including comparisons of reworked BGA against BGA before rework as an essential item of standard tests. The conventional rework uses a soldering iron and hot gas for solder joint repair; due to difficulties in temperature control and craftsmanship differences, the rework quality is uneven.

iST has accumulated plenty of experiences in board level reliabilities over the years and accomplished setting up high-end BGA rework facilities this year, satisfying test demands of both domestic and overseas customers, thus fully completing board level reliability service items.

Full control of the BGA rework station truly gives multiple merits: the ability to simulate a profile of SMT production, simultaneous heating both above and beneath the PCB (component), programmable temperature setting, real-time monitoring of temperature and thermal image of the rework process, etc., which effectively minimize rework risks as well as provide references for the improvement of production processes.

Furthermore, to satisfy dimensional variations of different products, the heating area and heating power of the station are both expanded for accommodating versatile components, with the maximum PCB size as large as 460mm X 560mm and a thickness up to 3.2mm.

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